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Best Open-Mike Night Miami 2006 - Luna Star Café

Luna Star Café

Luna Star Café

775 NE 125th St.

Miami Shores, FL 33161


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The what-ifs are haunting. They say you have a beautiful voice. That you can dance. That you're really funny. Are you truly an undiscovered star? Whether it's music, dance, theater, or comedy, get over the stage fright and test your material before a live audience. Miami is not, for sure, New York, but at least we have Luna Star's open mike twice a month (every second and fourth Saturday, beginning at 8:00 p.m.). "It's a free-for-all. Music, poetry, comedy. You can do whatever you want," says owner Alexis Sanfield. It's also first come, first served. Put your name on the list early -- because roughly seven to nine performers get a shot each night. Good news for newbies: The audience is very supportive. No boo birds at Luna. And even if you bomb, you can drown your sorrows in one of Luna's 100 beers. Prices range from $3 bottles of Rolling Rock to a Belgian for $17.
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john goodyear
john goodyear

interested in the open mike night, new here in miami just looking for someplace to get my feet wet doing stand up.i was curious do you get a good size croud ?? thanks john..