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Hot Dogs at the Grill

Wander through South Beach on any given Sunday afternoon, and you might feel as though you’ve stumbled into an anteroom of the Westminster Kennel Club. Pooches are everywhere, holding court at al fresco eateries and strutting jauntily into boutiques. Although most establishments on the Beach seem to have become pet-friendly...

Best of Miami Teaser: Best Hot Dog

4 years ago by Margaux Herrera
Next Thursday, New Times will publishes the Best of Miami edition. "The Rising" is almost upon us, and the balloting has officially closed. So if you didn't get a chance to vote for your favorites in our Readers' Poll, sorry, please try again next year.Anyway, in honor of New York...

Letters from the Issue of February 9, 2006

Seedy Prose But smart editor: In response to Chuck Strouse's February 2 column, "Bad Seeds": Bravo. I don't wish anything bad upon anyone's children, but I do want to extend to Mr. Strouse congratulations because the piece was written exceptionally well. I hope he gets some award for the investigative...

Letters from the Issue of October 5, 2006

Not Like La Gloria That's impossible: Regarding Lee Klein's "Chino-Latino No Go" (September 21): It is obvious that Mr. Klein has an ax to grind with the Estefans. His review of Oriente was one-sided and biased. I am a weekly customer of the restaurant and find the food quite delightful...

SOBEWFF: Andrew Zimmern's Giant Hot Dog and Shake Shack Win Best of the Munchies

1 year ago by Carina Ost
Closing out this year's South Beach Wine & Food Fest was no easy task. The last few days have been epic. Although if there was one person and one food category to get the job done, it was definitely Andrew Zimmern and the munchies. Other events may have pristine lobster...
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