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Best Gelato Miami 2006 - Bacio Gelateria

An Italian franchise that opened its doors in Miami in 2001, Bacio's gelato is simply the most delizioso. At least two dozen flavors are available on any given day, ranging from nutty (hazelnut, toasted almond) to fruity (lemon, mango) to chocolaty (at least five different variations on the basic flavor are offered). A small cone is $3.55, and a cup is $4.31. Creamy, airy, never overly sweet, and made fresh locally, Bacio's gelato approximates dessert perfection.
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The owner of a gelatobacio store was on the food network with AL (from the today show) I would love for them to open a store in my city. I have been looking for a business to open, something that I would enjoy. This looks like it.

please email me, if you think you would be interested.


Bacio is one of the best! I've had Gelato in it's homeland of Italy and I thought I would never have anything equal unless I went back, but I did when I walked into Bacio! Thanks. I looked forward to having it again on my next vacation to Miami.