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Best Free Exercise Class Miami 2006 - Yoga in the Park

In a city where the cost of a gym membership can surpass the cost of a monthly car payment, it can be difficult to believe that a free exercise class could actually be better than one of those pricey South Beach celebrity workouts. But Yoga in the Park has them all beat for three exquisite reasons: First of all, location. The class takes place on an elevated stage between the lapping ocean at Bayfront Park and the tall downtown buildings, which makes for a unique contrast of inspiring imagery during the invigorating Ashtanga session. The class takes place every Monday evening between 6:00 and 7:15, so add the soothing effect of the sun setting overhead and the gigantic, cool-looking fountain that faces the pavilion, and it suddenly becomes apparent that no high-end yoga studio in town could match this place for sheer ambiance, regardless of how well polished its wooden floors might be. Second, the instructor. He's a hottie named Augustin, and he's got ridiculously toned arms and a penchant for flowing white linen pants. Augustin's voice is soothing, and he takes the time to help newbies achieve the perfect position. His class zings along at a stimulating pace and then stretches out into a profound relaxation period, when he talks the students through a cool-down visualization exercise. At the end of the class, everyone gathers around like fans at a rock concert to personally thank him for the healing experience. And finally, it's free. All you need to do is bring a yoga mat, water, and a towel, and sign a waiver. Need we say more?
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Giancarlo Bianchi
Giancarlo Bianchi

I realize there is a lot of typos in what I wrote but I did not proof read, so please don't fault me for that, I mean, you get the gist of what I wrote which is more important.

Giancarlo Bianchi
Giancarlo Bianchi

One word.....AMAZING... I have been doing yoga at my gym for well over a year and a half now and to tell you the truth, even though I enjoy it I have to admit that it has been getting rather monotonous. I have read about this free yoga class and have always been meaning to try it, and well today I did. Wow....this class is GREAT! The teacher (who was not a guy but a really .... REALLY cute female) was nice and easy to helpful. She was loud enough to be heard but not yelling. The blue skies contrasted with the buildings made for wonderful aesthetics. The low vroom and the occasional airplane flying overhead made for a surprising relaxing environment. The temperature was great because the sun was hidden by the tall downtown buildings so that the heat and humidity was not overly oppressive. Just bring your mat, bottle and a towel (which I forgot) because you will sweat! The best part of it all is the drive home, the class ends at 730 so by that time all of the traffic is gone and you have a quick 20-30 minute drive home (depending on how far north you live) which is made all that much more relaxing because you can actually drive with windows down, with the wind in your hair and face which makes for a great cool down.