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Best Chicken Wings Miami 2006 - Sports Grill

Sports Grill

Sports Grill

10005 Sunset Drive

Kendale Lakes, FL 33173


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Fact: Our planet is home to more chickens than people. And just as all men are not created equal, neither are all fowls. Don't believe us? Strut over to Sports Grill and order a platter of wings (10 pieces for $7.50; 16 for $10.80; 25 for $16.25) and then say we lie. One look at these monstrous, plump limbs and you would be forgiven for thinking the owners of this eighteen-year-old Kendall eatery had a full-time clucker-squad scouring the globe in search of the fattest birds alive. Okay, size isn't everything (yeah, right!), but these beasts also taste as succulent as they look. Wings are plain grilled -- so not dripping with grease -- and served unadorned. Simple yet, ah, so delicious! Sink your gnashes into the Grill's ever-popular "special grilled," or get saucy with the likes of Buffalo, barbecue, or garlic flavor. To those who rarely leave the Beach, Kendall might seem like a world away, but then Sport's Grill's wings are a world away from ordinary.
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Danny Qt
Danny Qt

Feeling at home is very important to me.Every time I go to the Grill with my family,we get to relax and enjoy our meal and watch any sporting event in their brand new plasma T'V's.They have an outside terrace that you can enjoy South Florida's beautiful weather.The service is outstanding, and most important is very clean.I have made many friends at the Sunset Sports Grill.Customers are very polite,and most of all family oriented !!!!!Wings and ribs !!!!!!, BEST IN MIAMI !!!!!!!!Bring your family, you will not regret !!!!!!!!!