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Best Car Wash Miami 2006 - The Car Wash

"Would you like some popcorn?" asks the attendant, with a Cheesecake Factory-like smile. Then there are the free bagels, the full-service espresso bar, the comfy couches, the flat-screen TV sets, the periodicals. This is not a beauty salon or a Starbucks. It is simply the waiting room of The Car Wash. And that's not the best part; there's also the Fifties-era music, the cheery staff, the fact that as you're sipping a latte and reading In Style, your Ferrari is getting soaped, scrubbed, buffed, and polished by a whirlwind of man and robot. And the prices are fair: The entry-level Daily Wash is $9.95 (interior, exterior, window-cleaning -- pretty friggin' clean). The Works Wash goes for $19.95. Not only do the folks at The Car Wash do a fabulous job, but they also do it quickly. During our latest test, the dirty Pontiac became a spotless, pretty-smelling car in roughly fifteen minutes. But hey, The Car Wash's waiting room is so pleasant you actually feel like telling them to take their time.
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I totally agree with Nadia. One time, I had my car washed at The Car Wash. First of all, a woman had a medical emergency where she fell fell on her face, had her glasses shattered into her face, and laid lifeless until a CUSTOMER had to call an ambulance. Also, in terms of my car, although I asked for a scent, NO SCENT was ever placed in my car. My car smelled even worse than it did when I brought it in (not that my car smelled, but same thing with Nadia, it smelled like DOG). Anyway, the seats were still dirty, the wheels not cleaned, and no scent was misted in to the interior of my car. When I complained about this, my car was driven to the Mobile gas station down the street for a better vacuum! And then when they said the car was ready, we had to WALK to the Mobile about 300 feet away!! Talk about convenience. Seriously, save yourself the $20 and go to a gas station car wash, spray your own scent in your car and you'll have a better experience than The Car Wash. If I had more thumbs, I'd give it more than TWO THUMBS DOWN.


you talked more about food than how good a car wash it is. it sounds so super gimmicky to me. didnt it to you as well?!

in any case, i did go to the carwash and they left my car smelling like dog. the vacuum they used on my car was obviously one they also used on another car (a pet owners car! yuck) and i had to complain and wait longer for them. they sprayed it with some scent but only mixed two repugnant odors together. my wheels also were not cleaned well. i dont recommend these people and the author is missing the point.