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Best Wine Store

Happy Wine in the Grove

There are more than a thousand bottles on the shelves of Happy Wine in the Grove, the second store in the Happy Wine empire. (There's also a location in West Miami: 5792 SW Eighth St., 305-262-2465.) It's billed as a tapas restaurant with a menu covering all the basics, from...
Best Of Winner


With this issue, the Best of Miami celebrates its sixteenth anniversary. Sweet sixteen. Still young enough to be playful and innocent but old enough to be self-aware. Not in the sense of being self-absorbed, but rather in being cognizant of the future — a dawning realization that there will be...

Letters from the Issue of September 15 , 2005

Note to Wayne Huizenga Even die-hard Dolfans say it's time for a change: I'll admit I was not thrilled to hear that people thought our Miami Dolphins logo needed an upgrade. Yet the beauty and clean lines of the new design by Steve Guaico of North Miami, displayed on last...

Letters from the Issue of July 14, 2005

Miami Is Not Seattle Which is why reggaeton crushes indie rock: In his article "Out of Step" (July 7), Mosi Reeves writes that Miami, unlike most cities, lacks a "vibrant indie culture." Translation: White people are not the majority in Miami. But is this a bad thing? Miami is like...

Selected Night & Day Events for the Week of December 1, 2005

THU 1 Ask a woman who loves a man in uniform, and she'll tell you a sooty, sweaty firefighter is the ultimate "working man" fantasy. But there's no better way to ruin the illusion than to reveal a thick pelt of nasty back hair under the flame-proof garb. Pay homage...
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