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BEST TV NEWS ANCHOR Miami 2005 - Dwight Lauderdale

BEST TV NEWS ANCHOR Dwight Lauderdale WPLG-TV (Channel 10) With or without the mustache, and even sans Ann Bishop, no local TV journalist is more trusted and respected than the man behind the news desk at Channel 10. Since 1976 Lauderdale has been disseminating the grimy nonfiction of our sinful streets to an adoring public. Why is it that fans line up whenever he makes a public appearance? Maybe it's because, unlike some of his contemporaries (Shepard Smith), he's never punched out anyone over a parking space or announced the death of a pope 26 hours before the man actually passed away and then publicly blamed the mistake on a producer. When the big-time cable networks come calling, he, unlike Smith or Rick Sanchez, doesn't abandon the populace he's served for so many years. His longevity in a world of ten-second clips and a rotating cast of talking heads has made him a human institution in this town. Now he has earned an overdue spot in our winner's circle.

Readers´ Choice: Matt Lorch, WPLG-TV (Channel 10)

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G. Healey
G. Healey

We moved to Homestead AFB in 1980. Thats when we first came to know Dwight Lauderdale. At that time he was co-anchor with Ann Bishop. Talk about a crack team. We moved to Hobe Sound (some 35 miles north of West Palm). At that time and for many months to come we and many others like us, already up here, had to fight the cable company to keep WPLG on the air. For a while we won but in the end the cable company, Adelphia, finally won out and dropped WPLG from this area. Had and still have a lot of upset people over that action. Many of us dropped cable and switched to satellite. Unfortunately they don't carry WPLG because its not a local channel. I have to admit that I'm delighted to see Dwight get into the winners circle. All of these years and I still feel as though the folks at WPLG are family. They would be welcome in my living room anytime. Dwight, Don Noe all the rest, are all top notch. G. Healey