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Best Of Winner


With this issue, the Best of Miami celebrates its sixteenth anniversary. Sweet sixteen. Still young enough to be playful and innocent but old enough to be self-aware. Not in the sense of being self-absorbed, but rather in being cognizant of the future — a dawning realization that there will be...

Short Order Award winners

4 years ago by Lee Klein
Short Order Award winners

Selected Calendar Events for the Week of August 4, 2005

THU 4 Monday: Party. Tuesday: Party. Wednesday: Party. If that looks like the entries in your datebook, be sure to add tonight's Ketel One Party at Doraku, Benihana's boutique sushi lounge (1104 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach). From 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., you can savor five-dollar Ketel One vodka cocktails...

Sushi & Stroll at the Morikami

7 years ago by Gail Shepherd
Feeling the beat with Ronin Taiko A few years ago the Cornell Cafe at the Morikami Museum & Japanese Garden got a big boost when the Food Network declared it one of the three best museum eateries in the country. So I went, and lemme tell you: The award does...

Letters from the Issue of June 16 , 2005

Yes, Master, Your Every Wish Is Our Command Spoken like a true journalism student: Thanks for running Edmund Newton's article on the disagreements over teaching journalism ("Newsroom or Classroom?" June 9). Both sides of the argument are taking place in the same box. I think we all know by now...
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