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BEST PLACE TO DITCH THE KIDS FOR A FEW HOURS Miami 2005 - Miami-Dade Public Library System

BEST PLACE TO DITCH THE KIDS FOR A FEW HOURS Miami-Dade Public Library System South Miami Branch

Anime Addicts Club

6000 Sunset Drive

South Miami

305-667-6121 It's hard to keep anything anime out of the hands of young people. Savvy librarians are hip to that. "It's really been the best way so far to get the kids into the library," says programming librarian Samantha Haber. The South Miami branch hosts a weekly club for anime enthusiasts thirteen and older to watch films, discuss graphic novels, and practice drawing in the Japanese style. The downtown branch also hosts a club for younger fans (ages nine and older). From Akira to Cowboy Bebop and Peach Girl to Ranma, there's plenty to check out and discuss at the library.

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