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Nature on the Slab

5 years ago by Carlos Suarez De Jesus
According to the nomadic Fifi Projects’ Eduardo Lopez, the snapshot exhibit “Natures Mortes: A Restrospective,” on view at Abba Fine Art, centers on biological and technological decay. “It’s basically a best-of exhibit, featuring conceptual photography by ten artists,” Lopez says. “Fifi Projects has organized shows in New York, Miami, and...

Letters from the Issue of July 14, 2005

Miami Is Not Seattle Which is why reggaeton crushes indie rock: In his article "Out of Step" (July 7), Mosi Reeves writes that Miami, unlike most cities, lacks a "vibrant indie culture." Translation: White people are not the majority in Miami. But is this a bad thing? Miami is like...

Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Editor's note: We received hundreds of letters following the publication last week of "Tales of Teele," which consisted of verbatim excerpts from a police investigation into Arthur Teele, Jr. The investigative report had been released to the public on May 4, 2005, by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. This sampling...

Selected Calendar Events for the Week of September 15, 2005

THU 15 Formed in 1992 in a lush little Florida college town we like to call Gainesville, the three Pez-loving pop-y punk bandmates of Less than Jake spent a few years tinkering with their identity, and by adding a few members and an addictive ska beat, they soon won over...

Letters from the Issue of March 3, 2005

It's the Cat's Meow Dance-music coverage was scarce as hen's teeth, but hope springs eternal when you take the bull by the horns and think outside the box -- so I'm tickled pink: Wow! Mosi Reeves managed to write an article about the dance-music scene here in Miami ("Building a...
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