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BEST LOW-RENT BAR Miami 2005 - American Legion Post No. 29

American Legion Post No. 29

American Legion Post No. 29

6445 NE 7th Ave.

Miami, FL 33138


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There's something eerie about American Legion Post No. 29 at night. The bar, a huge sunken square that could probably fit 60 people, is almost always empty. The comfortable couches, unused. The pool table and dart board, dormant. Often the only person in the place is the bartender, watching the big-screen TV set alone. This makes sense only in Miami, where people wait in line to get into swanky clubs with overpriced drinks rather than chill at an inexpensive watering hole like the Legion. For instance, during happy hour at the American Legion (5:00 to 9:00 p.m. every weekday), six dollars gets you two bottles of Bud and a shot of Jack. At most SoBe spots, you're lucky if six bucks gets you a Red Stripe and a condescending sneer from the bartender.

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I know, right? Very chill place! Needs to be 'discovered'.