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BEST LESBIAN BAR Miami 2005 - Anywhere Pandora and Ultra Events throw a party

Amy Alonso, Yesi Leon, Alison Burgos, and Julie Garrity are four very involved lesbians. Not in the way that every hot-blooded, horny man has wet dreams about, but rather in a collaborative effort to mix sexy fun with legitimate issues concerning their lifestyles. Their parties, which include Cherry Pie, Fever at Soho Lounge, and the annual White Party at Nikki Beach, draw huge crowds of women who love women. Unlike the usual suspects in clubland, their events are much more than simply a flesh fest. In conjunction with the Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, they organize philanthropic and civic events like the Women's Networker monthly meeting, which is held at a new happy-hour location every month. They raise money and awareness for a bevy of charitable causes.

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Marisol,If you want to get in touch with Julie email me at Cryhou@gmail.comI'm a good friend of hers and remember her talking about you years ago... Crystal


I'm not sure if Julie Garrity is the same sweetful and wonderful Julie Garrity than I meet in New York twenty years a go. Last week I was in NEW YORK, and obviusly I had a lot of memorys about her and all the times that we spent together. Julie, are you the same person???? Let me know. Love you always