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With this issue, the Best of Miami celebrates its sixteenth anniversary. Sweet sixteen. Still young enough to be playful and innocent but old enough to be self-aware. Not in the sense of being self-absorbed, but rather in being cognizant of the future — a dawning realization that there will be...

Letters from the Issue of September 15 , 2005

Note to Wayne Huizenga Even die-hard Dolfans say it's time for a change: I'll admit I was not thrilled to hear that people thought our Miami Dolphins logo needed an upgrade. Yet the beauty and clean lines of the new design by Steve Guaico of North Miami, displayed on last...

Selected Calendar Events for the Week of September 15, 2005

THU 15 Formed in 1992 in a lush little Florida college town we like to call Gainesville, the three Pez-loving pop-y punk bandmates of Less than Jake spent a few years tinkering with their identity, and by adding a few members and an addictive ska beat, they soon won over...

Selected Calendar Events for the Week of September 8, 2005

THU 8 Artists find inspiration in the strangest places. "I was walking behind a very, um, obese lady, and she was wearing purple spandex," says New York photographer Daniel Aubry, who pauses to laugh. "And I imagined her as a mound, or pile, of cheeseburgers." From that thought Aubry conceived...

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