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BEST FROZEN YOGURT Miami 2005 - Tasti D-Lite

Tasti D-Lite

Tasti D-Lite

821 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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BEST FROZEN YOGURT Tasti D-Lite Various locations in Miami-Dade County Calling it a culinary revolution may be a bit much, but for the Beach's waist-conscious, the arrival of the NYC-based Tasti D-Lite chain was earth-moving. Virtually fat-free yet creamier than any other yogurt on the market, it almost seems too, ahem, tasty and delightful to be truly low in calories. Indeed, one vintage episode of Seinfeld even revolved around that very fear, with the action centering on a thinly veiled stand-in for Tasti D-Lite and a pint of the suspect confection being surreptitiously spirited to a lab for fat testing. No doubt cynical locals are contemplating much the same trial for Tasti D-Lite's divine French Vanilla. In the meantime, mmmmm.

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