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Best Of Winner


With this issue, the Best of Miami celebrates its sixteenth anniversary. Sweet sixteen. Still young enough to be playful and innocent but old enough to be self-aware. Not in the sense of being self-absorbed, but rather in being cognizant of the future — a dawning realization that there will be...

No Cuban, No Problem

12 years ago by Brett Sokol
Were the Latin Grammys fixed by President Bush? Based on State Department documents Kulchur has received, that would certainly appear to be the case. Call it an only-in-Miami moment, one in which 2004 presidential politics collided head-on with Cuban music. And Cuba's musicians, who subsequently found themselves watching the Grammys...

The Quiet Cuban

18 years ago by Judy Cantor
When jazz pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba walks up to the entrance of the Van Dyke Cafe on Lincoln Road, no one wields a Cuban flag like a weapon, throws a bottle, or spits, the way protesters in front of the Gusman Center did the night he performed in Miami last year...

Letters from the Issue of May 26, 2005

Best Self-Promotion Karaoke? Got your karaoke right here: Once again Miami New Times has failed to actually conduct research before choosing the best of anything ("Best of Miami," May 12). I run Karaoke Miami, which has several locations in Miami-Dade. Any one of the places I run, or any run...

Cuban Ballet in Exile

7 years ago by Janine Zeitlin
Click here to see a slide show of the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami's performance of Swan Lake. Her honeyed curls swept practically into a barrette, Magaly Suárez raps at the closed door of her 21-year-old son's dressing room and shouts, "Taritas!" Rock music booms from inside, but he doesn't...
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