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BEST CHILDREN'S ADVOCATE Miami 2005 - Carol Marbin Miller

BEST CHILDREN'S ADVOCATE Carol Marbin Miller Miami Herald reporter Miller has been single-minded in her efforts to force the state's Department of Children and Families to change itself from a backward, inefficient, corrupt institution into a somewhat less backward, less inefficient, and less corrupt institution. Since her byline first appeared in the Herald in 2000 (she had previously been at the St. Petersburg Times), Miller has written more than 900 stories, most dealing with DCF and its former chief, Jerry Regier. In 2004 alone she reported and wrote more than 200 stories chronicling crisis after crisis at DCF: "Child Welfare Flaws Exposed"; "Agency Pressured to Aid Connected Client"; "DCF Misuses Funds"; "Two Quit in DCF Ethics Breach"; "How to Explain Why Regier Is Still at DCF"; "DCF Chief Resigns Amid Scandal." It'd be nice to say DCF has cleaned up its act and we can now trust it to look after the state's most vulnerable children. It would be nice, but it wouldn't be entirely true. Thanks largely to Miller, however, DCF is slowly but surely moving in the right direction.

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She's done a heck of a great job. I will be more than pushing daisys the day i see her with efforts to get the family's side of the story. I see so many horrible stories but no comments from the families of these child victims. I can only say while the county claims that these children come from the county's most disfunctional families. I will reiterate when I see these children came from the stories and allegations written up by some of the most expert of lyers, who specialize in writing lies, experts and fraud, and conspiracy against some of these families. They Department of Children and Families has no more time for the kids than better spent on the families for whom they try to keep these kids from. Meaning, if they would allow mom or dad to finish their case plan rather than spending so many of our tax dollars plotting against these families, they would have more quality time to focas on these kids. Also, I am still recommending that workers get a psychological check and FBI background check yearly. Some of these workers that I've interacted with are such pathetic liars it's like being forced to work with legalized sociopaths, I hate it. And some even call me for clients and end up needing more help themselves. I feel for them, but now, i am starting to wonder, what does their training consist of. I for one am totally against the never get close to the child rule, how do you work with children and to them they are just a case number and a paycheck. Pathetic to the hilt and exaggerated in their claims.