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BEST BLOODY MARY Miami 2005 - Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill

Flanigan\'s Seafood Bar and Grill

Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill

2721 Bird Ave.

Coconut Grove, FL 33133


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It's Sunday night and you're still suffering from a wicked hangover. You need food, water, and a little hair of the dog. The best cure for the cocktail flu is a bloody mary with enough spice to give those queasies a kick in the ass. Select your favorite vodka, say how spicy you want it, and you'll be served a superior beverage with a heaping dose of sympathy. And the price is right ($1.99 for well; $4.49 for Grey Goose) for someone who spent Saturday night buying scores of drinks, yet didn't score one phone number.

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