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BEST PORK CHOP Miami 2004 - Ortanique on the Mile

Ortanique on the Mile

Ortanique on the Mile

278 Miracle Mile

Coral Gables, FL 33134


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Some diners are scared off by this Coral Gables success story's fancy-schmancy menu and upscale service and ambiance. The few others who avoid it are people who want more food than garnish on their plate. Both groups should go anyway for one simple reason: the pork chop. How simple is that? And it's way bigger than any garnish. Besides, this is not just a pork chop -- this is the ultimate, the champion of the world, the thickest, sweetest, most satisfying piece of pig flesh in town. Down with dime-size crab-and-fruit cakes, down with pretension, down with menu items that require translation. Fill up on one of these pork chops and drop your fear of being underfed. You'll be an Ortanique fan like everyone else, but for a different reason. The pork chop. The pork chop.

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We have been enjoying Ortanique for many years. We go there because the food is inventive, beautifully presented, the ambiance is warm and inviting and Joel at the Bar makes the best Margarita and Mojito in town!This is truly a destination for unparalleled excellence in dining.They also use social media and e mail to keep their patrons informed of specials, events and just stuff. We like the Tuesdays 50% all wine on the list! Especially when I have business clients, makes the expense account go further!