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BEST PLACE TO GO FLY A KITE Miami 2004 - Margaret Pace Park

Margaret Pace Park

Margaret Pace Park

NE 19 St. and N. Bayshore Drive

Miami, FL 33132

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This partly hidden bayfront park underwent extensive renovations but remains, fortunately, something of a mystery to the public, which tends to neglect the outstanding space. Not for long, though. As soon as all the condos scheduled for development along the neighboring Biscayne Boulevard corridor are completed, crowds will become the issue. Until then, this park remains the choice for a quiet day of tugging kite strings as your balsa and paper contraption glides over shimmering bay waters and the verdant expanse of the park itself. If the winds are light, you can try out the new tennis and basketball courts or soccer fields. Just stay out of the way of kiters.

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