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BEST PHARMACY Miami 2004 - Midtown

Robert Novigrod is nothing less than a hero. America's most grotesque social failure is its healthcare system, among the worst in the industrialized world, especially for those suffering chronic pain. The federal government, with its "war on drugs," has created a nation of spineless physicians and impotent pharmacists terrified to provide effective, safe controlled substances subject to abuse. Not the friendly folks at one of the few "mom-and-pop" drugstores left. While the chains might be fine for those who need to choose from eight different types of nail clippers, Novigrod and his smiling staff deliver what equally courageous doctors prescribe, including strong medicine needed by victims of severe pain. A family business passed along to the incredibly gracious and skilled Novigrod, Midtown deserves more than awards or accolades. It deserves your business.

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this is absoutley true My daughter went in with a prescription, she gets every month and the pharmacist insisted that she must be lying and he call her Doctor, when the Doctor told him that it was a valid prescription and described her to them (she had already shown id) he said that he knew she must be lying any way as she had a different doctor the month before who had written a one month (not overlapping) prescription for a daily medication. She said it was just another physcian in the same group substituting for his absence. He called and verified that then in a very snotty tone said ok i will fill it for you this time but not next month. That is just ridiculous. Last time this pharmacy makes money off of her!


For those on the mainland South area, there is no better pharmacy than Marco Drugs in South Miami behind Tony Roma's restaurant. The owner/pharmacist, Sonia, is certified in both compounding "custom" medicines such as those for folks who can't swallow pills but can take it in liquid form, and certified in pain relief. More importantly, she and her staff give personal attention, not like some assembly-line, "one-size fits all" pharmacies such as South Miami Pharmacy, CVS, Walgreens, etc.