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BEST PARKING ON SOUTH BEACH Miami 2004 - Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park

999 11th St.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Truth foretold: One day in the near future there will be no place to park on South Beach that will cost less than cab fare from halfway across Miami-Dade County. But till that day arrives (and it is inevitable) there are still some prime, meter-free parking spots in the lots around Flamingo Park. The park is just a few short blocks from Washington Avenue, where most of the rambunctious nightclubs are located. (When it comes to free parking on South Beach, proximity is a luxury.) You may encounter a few guys in search of sex with complete strangers, but it's relatively safe and regularly patrolled by police. The upside of that: If you're looking to find convenient parking and get gay too, you don't even have to leave the vicinity.

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This article on free parking at Flamingo park as some wrong information. First yes you can park there free but it is ONLY TILL 11PM after that it goes to local stickers for residents just like many other locations on South Beach. As fare as the gay sex thing I have not seen it. People are there to play basketball , baseball swim in the pool play tennis walk their dog. I had heard years ago about sex in the park at night when many of these activities  were not even available, like the new tennis courts and swimming pool. Gay sex can be attributed to any park almost anywhere. That is the way it is out there not just at Flamingo Park. Most importantly the writer did not mention the 11pm deadline. If anyone gets towed or a ticket for parking there after 11pm I would strongly suggest filling a claim against the writer of the above article. lol  He mentions gay sex but not that. The walk is very long by the way from Flamingo Park to Washington most people will not do it it is at least seven very long blocks depending on what part of the park you find parking. I feel it would be a big mistake to charge for parking there it limits the access to the Park to a few and the locals that live near by only. Great park I remember going there when I was in elementary school near by. Have a great day.