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BEST SMOOTHIE Miami 2003 - El Palacio de los Jugos

El Palacio de los Jugos

El Palacio de los Jugos

5721 W. Flagler St.

Miami, FL 33144


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One word: atmosphere. Rumble your way to the counter for a jugo. Feel the ice-cold, fresh-fruit flavor -- papaya, cantaloupe, pi?a colada, orange-carrot, guanabana -- roll down your throat. But then take a look at your mixers -- the rice and beans, roasted half-chickens, and flans -- and head to the back to enjoy it all. Yeah, you'll likely consume some exhaust fumes with your ice-cold strawberry juice and tamale, but the light Cuban music and chatter will calm your soul and soothe your taste buds.

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