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Miami needs more guns. Simply put, the police are overburdened and understaffed, and it's clearly time for private citizens to take matters into their own hands. No one's calling for armed insurrection yet, just more "deterrence." Imagine the message you could have sent to that bitch in the SUV who...
Best Of Winner


After scanning our trenchant looks at politico Art Teele and developer Don Peebles, viewing Miami poverty from the ground up, and busting ex-police chief Raul Martinez, you might not think New Times was really as nuts about our town as we are. But it’s true: We’re nuts about Miami! Our...

The Tired Gun

14 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
"You're right! I quit!" Until this moment--this shrill outburst that comes out of nowhere and startles both interviewer and subject--Marisa Tomei had been speaking in hushed tones, like someone making funeral arrangements. Every so often, she would punctuate her sentences with giggles--some nervous, some delirious--but suddenly, she is laughing uncontrollably...

Letters from the Issue of July 31, 2003

No Miracles, Just Hard Work Everyone did a great job at the NAACP event, including Rev. Willie Sims: Tristram Korten, in his column regarding the disciplinary action taken against Rev. Willie Sims of my staff ("Big Mouth, Big Trouble," July 17), incorrectly implied that Reverend Sims was "miraculously" reinstated to...

Letters from the Issue of June 5 - 11, 2003

Best Sincere Modesty It's about time my magnificence was acknowledged: Thanks to all the lovely people at New Times for choosing me, Shelley Novak, just a humble actor/comedian/talk-show host/singer/psychic/feng shui advisor/megastar as "Best Drag Queen" ("Best of Miami," May 15). I had already written my hate letter in preparation for...
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