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Best Of Winner


You'd think that in a town as wonderfully weird as Miami, no one could ever grow jaded by what they see around them. Think of those clueless mothers with toddlers hoping to cross a busy street but refusing to use a crosswalk, standing on the center line as cars whiz...

Letters from the Issue of January 23, 2002

Your Weakness, My Strength The Herald and WLRN, imperfect singly, are perfect together: To learn from Rebecca Wakefield's article that cross-marketing opportunities could drive an alliance between public-radio WRLN-FM and the Miami Herald is no surprise ("Radio Free Herald," January 16). WLRN has never shown any willingness to push the...

Reader Mail: Tony Montana Isn't the Face of Miami

Reader Mail: Tony Montana Isn't the Face of Miami


11 years ago by Mosi Reeves
It was on an early March morning last year when I fell out of bed, threw on some clothes, and sweatily stumbled down the several blocks or so that took me from the apartment where I was staying with two friends to an imperious-looking hotel on Washington Avenue in South...

All Things Jewish

9 years ago by OCTAVIO ROCA
The diversity is breathtaking. This year's Miami Jewish Film Festival sprawls with four venues featuring a batch of motion pictures that seem to cover everything Jewish under the sun. Hitler and Stalin, the Holocaust and Heaven, klezmer and ska, ambitious masterpieces, family dramas, slapstick comedies, and earnest documentaries add up...
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