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BEST ICE CREAM PARLOR Miami 2002 - Coco Gelato

Coco Gelato

Coco Gelato

401 Biscayne Blvd., Ste S251

Miami, FL 33132


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When it comes to gelato versus ice cream, it's the air, stupid. Gelato doesn't contain as much of it as its American cousin. The result is a denser, richer texture, a creamier, dreamier version of one of life's singular pleasures. Okay, you say, but what about selection? Surely there's no gelato parlor offering 31 different flavors. Well, we didn't exactly do the math, but if Coco Gelato's choices -- which include lemon champagne, almond cream, key lime, mamey, dulce de leche, and a half-dozen varieties of chocolate (to say nothing of tiramisu) -- leave you cold, you've got a hole in your head. Or air between your ears.
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Dulce Vita Dislike
Dulce Vita Dislike

I personally use to work in the one in Bayside and my opinion is awful i think it's too expensive for people to pay 5,75 for a small cup with two scoops of ice cream and a waffle cone that is saggy for 6.25 just because they keep it out. the fruits that come in the smoothies are usually old and most of the times the fridge at are job use to come off because of the wiring and circuit and the fruits will get real bitter we couldn't really do anything because we will get in trouble if we didn't sell those fruits or add them in the smoothies ,old fruits they have mold in them and juices for smoothies are left open inside the fridge with no top at all and so did the milk and other products i understand that they are fda approved but i wouldn't recommend that place they had roaches they had all type of fruit fly's it was just a horrible experience I'm not just saying this cause they laid me off for coming to work late i'm saying this because it's real disgusting these are things that i think people should know before going out to Coco Gelato and the Gelato is really made from there own factory but my understanding is that the Gelato place in Bayside isn't made by Italian it's made by Argentinian people. Most of the people that worked where i use to work where all related and it was a horrible experience everybody stold everybody did something they wasn't suppose to do but i guess it was just my luck that day .