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You'd think that in a town as wonderfully weird as Miami, no one could ever grow jaded by what they see around them. Think of those clueless mothers with toddlers hoping to cross a busy street but refusing to use a crosswalk, standing on the center line as cars whiz...

Tap Tap Has the Haitian Eats in Miami Beach

7 years ago by Lee Klein
"Undersell and overdeliver." That's the philosophy of restaurateur David Chang, as recently expressed on The Charlie Rose Show. Mr. Chang, as most epicures know, is chef/owner of three hugely popular and critically acclaimed Momofuku noodle and ssäm bars in New York City. As recipient of the 2007 James Beard Foundation...

Letters from the Issue of March 28, 2002

Yes, I'm Ashamed of UM And yes, the sinner should pay, but don't kill the golden-egged goose: I will admit I am ashamed of what happened at the University of Miami. I believe Andre Johnson, Hurricanes wide receiver and Rose Bowl co-MVP, should be suspended. I also think New Times...

Letters from the Issue of October 24, 2002

The Rosenberg Resurrection We shall return him to the film festival -- or else: In Brett Sokol's recent "Kulchur" column about the crisis at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival ("They Shoot Divas, Don't They?" October 10), he wrote that "...not just the gay community, but the entire city...

Letters from the Issue of September 9-15, 2002

The Teele Inaccuracy A phone call would have been nice, but I didn't even get that: My name was wrongly inserted in your article "The Teele Conspiracy" by Francisco Alvarado, Kirk Nielsen, and Rebecca Wakefield (September 2). At no time did I speak to anyone at New Times or anyone...
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