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BEST BUREAUCRAT Miami 2002 - Merrett Stierheim

In a town where far too many public servants graduated from the school of corruption and incompetence, Merrett Stierheim stands out as a beacon in the darkness. Since 1959, when he began his career as an assistant manager with the City of Miami, Stierheim has kept an able hand on the tiller of our biggest and most complex governments, often called up on deck just as the ship was about to hit the rocks. By dint of his reputation as a fixer of big problems, he has become an almost mythic figure in his own lifetime. In 1967 he left for Florida's west coast but returned in 1976 to become Dade County's manager during a most difficult period (the Mariel boatlift, riots, cocaine cowboys) until his retirement in 1986. In the early Nineties Stierheim became Miami's chief cheerleader as president and CEO of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. Then in 1996, as the City of Miami faced a financial meltdown amid political scandal, Stierheim was coaxed out of his second retirement to become the pro bono city manager. In no time he discovered a $68 million shortfall in the city's general fund and led the beginning of a long recovery effort. In 1998 he was again tapped to become county manager as Miami-Dade reeled from scandals and corruption at the airport and the Port of Miami. He retired in early 2001 when it became clear Mayor Alex Penelas wanted a less independent and forceful manager. Stierheim kept himself busy through the spring and summer by becoming interim manager of newly incorporated Miami Lakes and leading another emergency recovery team through Homestead's shaky finances. In October 2001 Stierheim took on what is arguably his most challenging and important job yet -- superintendent of Miami-Dade County's mammoth public-school system. The school district is a magnified version of the bureaucracies Stierheim had wrestled with earlier: unwieldy, riddled with corruption, and filled with a demoralized workforce. But with the future of 370,000 children in his hands, the stakes are much higher. Stierheim has already begun to heal an ailing bureaucratic culture. Only time will tell whether he can successfully complete the job.
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Nazi murder spree, cover-up, corruption at Days Inn, CNA/Loews, and AHLA �

Days Inn�s nazi shrine at it�s flagship hotel was insured by CNA, a division of Loews, owned by the Tisch family. Jon Tisch is a former head of the American Hotel Lodging Association. When Nazi Tom Metzger stated, �I remember the good ole Days Inn, Georgia�, he referenced the flagship property of the 1800 unit chain.

3 sets of Miami homicides from the 1970�s have been solved. They each had a nick-name � �The Hepatitis Murders�, The �Miami Rampage Murders�, and �The Building Toss Murders�. All 3 sets had 20 victims perish. They were committed by the same gang of young pro-nazi perpetrators with high-up connections in Dade County.

The perpetrators are:

1) Tom Tobin, Atlanta, GA - now a magistrate in Atlanta. Son of Mami judge, David Tobin.2) John Snodgrass, Atlanta, GA - formerly CEO of Days Inn hotels and formerly president of Cendant Corp..3) Doug Collins, Atlanta, GA - formerly president of Days Inn and CEO of Buckhead America, a hotel management company.4) Anthony Marshall, Orlando, FL - formerly Dean of F.I.U.�s hotel college and current director of the American Hotel Lodging Association in Orlando5) Frederick W. Tokars - United States Federal Prisoner #40099-066, formerly a Judge pro temp in Atlanta and City of Atlanta prosecutor.

1) �The Hepatitis Murders� - victims were administered a lethal combination of �Hepatitis D� and �Hepatitis B� in the form of feces. Within 4 mos., the victims developed jaundice, diahrreha, emaciation, before their deaths. The Hepatitis �D� was supplied to the group by the brother of 1 of the perpetrators, Dr. Jerome Tokars, jr., in practice today at the CDC in Atlanta. Tokars, Collins, Tobin, and Snodgrass injected the victims with the Hepatitis �D� and within days, forced the feces of Anthony Marshall into the victims orally. Among the victims are:

Helen Whited, daughter of the editor-in-chief of the Miami HeraldCaptain Steven Rabinovich, Eastern Air LinesDon Oglesby, a medical student at the U. of MaimiDana St. Claire, a senior at Carol City High SchoolBob Bowers, a resident of MiamiAlan Moyers, a resident of Miami and Navy officer

I believe that these 5 also participated in the same M.O. in the deaths of 5 U.S. Army personell at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu in the mid-1980�s.

The �Hepatitis Murders� may have been re-classified as a �failed medical experiment� over the objections of Dr. Joe Davis, M.E.. I believe that the re-classification of these murders was coerced at the insistence of those connected to the perpetrators and done so at gun-point.

2) The �Building Toss� murders.

20 victims thrown to their deaths in Miami in the mid-70�s. The persons responsible are Tobin, Tokars, Snodgrass, and Collins. I do not believe that Anthony Marshall of Orlando participated in these homicides though I am certain he was aware of them being committed by these persons aforehand.

3) The �Miami Rampage Murders� - over a period of 2 weeks, 20 persons were beaten, shot, and stabbed to death by the 4 younger persons of the gang, Tokars, Collins, Snodgrass, and Tobin.

I believe that the persons responsible for these 3 sets of these murders should be brought to justice and convicted and sentenced to life in prison. This information can be confirmed in interview with U.S. Federal Prisoner #40099-066, Frederick W. Tokars.