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Flapjack Flip-Off VII: Bananarama!

8 years ago by Lee Klein
There are seven days of the week, wonders of the world, colors in a rainbow, points on a sheriff's star, digits in a phone number, dots on a common ladybug's back. The Egyptians had seven gods, the Phoenicians seven kabiris, the Persians seven sacred horses, the Parsees seven angels opposed...

Sofrito con Guacamole

11 years ago by Celeste Fraser Delgado
Kidd Cumbia, a.k.a. David Elizondo, is distracted. He's trying to focus on the surprise success of A Toda Maquina (Full Force), the debut album from his group ATM. Yet he can't help looking across the lobby of the Sofitel Hotel near Miami International Airport at a group of young men...

Surf, Reggae, Roll

8 years ago by Julienne Gage
Ana Vega, mother of the lead singer and guitarist for Miami-based rock and reggae band Kayak Man, sits at a pub in her son Leonardo "Tato" Seoane Vega's native Rosario, Argentina, wringing her hands in distress as she sips her drink and recalls Tato's tumultuous political childhood. "My poor son,"...

Jorge Moreno Talks Winning the International Songwriting Competition

4 years ago by Arielle Castillo
Jorge Moreno's "Thank You" is a gently unfolding, deceptive pop-rock paean to life's simple pleasures. Its earworm tendencies come on slowly. The more you play the track, the more it reveals new flourishes -- a roots-rock guitar lick here, a Beatles-esque wall of backing voices there. It also pays off...

The Week in Weird

8 years ago by Greg Baker
After a lengthy holiday hiatus, live music has returned to South Florida with a vengeance that can be described only as deeply disorienting. So disorienting that we've temporarily shelved our plan to firebomb Ticketmaster and instead would like someone to prepare us warm milk with brandy. Lots of brandy. This...
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