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Best Power Couple Miami 2001 - Aileen Ugalde and Joe Garcia

They are the children of the Cuban exiles who formed modern Miami, and they are among those who will shape the future of the United States. There also is the possibility they will play leading roles in a future Cuba. But regardless of how things shake out in their ancestral home, Garcia and Ugalde are a force to be reckoned with here and now. Garcia, as many in both Miami and Washington, D.C., are aware, is the new executive director and long-time spokesman for the Cuban American National Foundation. He has been active in politics for a good part of his 37 years, and no doubt his political star will continue to ascend. Ugalde, Garcia's wife of nine years, has been less publicly visible though no less accomplished. A magna cum laude graduate of Harvard with a law degree from the University of Miami, she served for six years as associate general counsel for UM. This past February she moved into the spotlight when she was named senior advisor to Donna Shalala, the new University of Miami president and former secretary of U.S. Health and Human Services in the Clinton administration.
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Joe and Aileen are still one of the top couples even through divorce. Relationship is strong and both are simply beyond exceptional. My name is LadyAnn Graham-Gilreath, and Aileen Ugalde I have the proud relation to be her cousin. I applaud Joe Garcia and stand with him in many of his idealism concepts, especially all the good he is trying to perform for his heritage, his people, and Florida residents.  I hope to see them stay strong and positive in their goals for the future. Good Luck to both. LadyAnn