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Best Party Of The Year Miami 2001 - Full-moon tribal gathering

The only invitation you need to this soiree is a big, fat full moon climbing into the night sky. Each month, on the official calendar night of the full moon, an often motley but gentle crew assembles on the sand -- with no central planning and no velvet rope. The crowd can grow as large as 500; 1000 is not unheard of. Over the course of the nighttime hours, the Beach is transformed from a tourist mecca where the self-satisfied lounge to a vibrant, feral gathering. You make your own fun here. There's no bar and no sound system. But inevitably drum circles form, people chant, and dancing erupts spontaneously. Sit in the sand and stare at the ocean. Strike up a conversation with that aging hippie or that sleek young club kid or the bewildered sales rep who stumbled up from the Loews hotel. When was the last time you returned home from a night on South Beach with sand in your shoes, a smile on your face, and money still in your wallet?
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Once an event that was peaceful almost more than five years ago. Since being on the E Channel all those years ago overnight has made it an overcrowded event with unsavry locals who would rather fight each other. Gone are the days of being able to party all night and watch the sun come up. This event is always broken up even before most are going out to the clubs at 1am. Keep your eyes open all up and down south beach for the ideal full moon party. The better the party the shorter that spot will last.