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Best Of Winner


We all know we need it, and we all know we don’t get enough of it. No not that, the other thing, the thing that keeps us young at heart, calm at soul, wise at mind — that thing we call relaxation. In a place like Miami, relaxation seems to...

Los Producers

14 years ago by Celeste Fraser Delgado
Late one Sunday night at the restaurant Azul in the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Brickell Key, rumors circulate faster than the jerk scallops and sugar cane passed on silver trays. The invitation-only party is in honor of multiplatinum Mexican balladeer Cristian Castro, who has just kicked off a tour for...

Fresh Air

14 years ago by Jeff Stratton
As spinoffs go, Tom Tom Club came with a remarkable schematic for success. Jettisoning the intellectual elitism that had a grip on their full-time group, Talking Heads, drummer Chris Frantz and his wife, bassist Tina Weymouth, founded their side project on the premise of funky, beachcombing fun. It worked, too:...

Video: Allapattah Produce Market This Morning

5 years ago by Jacob Katel
The Allapattah Produce Market on the west side of NW 12th Avenue at 22nd street, just north of Jackson Hospital is one of the main hubs from which local restaurants source produce that's of both local and freshly imported varieties.In 1999, the Allapattah Terminal Market, as it's also known, won...

Miami's 12 up-and-coming bands, producers, and promoters

3 years ago by Matt Preira
Miami's 12 up-and-coming bands, producers, and promoters
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