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Splinters, a Drama-Packed Surf Doc, is the Anti-Endless Summer

3 years ago by Camille Lamb
A young woman in the act of adultery is dragged out of the local hotel by her disgusted family members. A gap-toothed ex-wife who's owed a hefty sum of alimony rubs her hands in glee as she talks about her scheme to land her deadbeat baby daddy behind bars. And...

Launch Party for Miami Surf Archive Project on March 24: Our History Bigger Than Our Waves

4 years ago by Sebastian del Mármol
Keep the small wave jokes to yourself. Miami has some serious history when it comes to surfing. And if you don't believe it, ride on over to the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens on March 24 and check it out for yourself. The Miami Surf Archive Project is holding its launch...

Miami's Ten Best Restaurants

2 years ago by Emily Codik
Your buddies just don't understand. You had an earth-shattering rossejat at the Bazaar. You loved the place -- that is, until you heard some tragic news. Your pal once had a bad bao con lechón there. Now that guy's never going back. Disgruntled patrons rarely forget a dinner done wrong...

Ten Best Restaurants in Coral Gables

2 years ago by Emily Codik
If Coral Gables were a pop star, it would be Justin Timberlake post-FutureSex/LoveSounds. You still dig the '90s man: Brillo-curled hair, frosted tips, and the damn sexiest denim outfit in history. But you also love his new, sleek sound. This city has evolved too. It once catered to law firm...

Miami's Six Best Latin Clubs

1 year ago by Laurie Charles
Miami is known for many things, including horrible drivers, corrupt politicians, and Speedo-clad Dolphins fans. But the one thing that gives the Magic City its sabor picante are all of the Cubanos, Dominicanos, Venezolanos, Colombianos, and other Latinos that call the 305 home. And if there is one thing the...
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