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Top Ten New Times Feature Stories of the Decade 2000-2009

5 years ago by New Times staff
Miami New Times has kicked some ass in the last decade. We have changed the course of the city and it has changed us. What follows is a list of some of our most significant stories -- of course, everyone has their own opinions. What are yours?Admitting TerrorBy Bob NormanThe...

Could Miami Connection, Drafthouse Films' '80s Ninja Restoration, Win an Oscar? (Video)

2 years ago by Ciara LaVelle
Ever since we heard about Miami Connection, the 1980s B-movie featuring ninjas and rock bands in Florida, we've been obsessed with its so-bad-it's-good acting, it's so-fake-it's-hilarious special effects, and perhaps most importantly, its so-cheesy-it'll-be-stuck-in-your-head-for-weeks soundtrack.See also:- Miami Connection, Awful Yet Awesome '80s Film, Headed to Theaters- The Best Florida Ninja...

International Dance Music Awards 2011 Winners

4 years ago by Camille Lamb
The biggest awards in dance music took place at Dolce last night. The International Dance Music Awards' producers seemed to have their short-attention-spanned audience in mind when they designed the event, keeping the awards-presentation time to a minimum, and focusing instead on the performances and afterparty. Still, 56 awards were...

Presenting the only Cannes awards that really matter: Ours.

7 years ago by J. Hoberman
CANNES, France — The competition for the Palme d'Or is ongoing as I write, but the story of the 61st Cannes Film Festival is Steven Soderbergh's two-part, four-and-a-half-hour Che—an epic non-biopic that might well have been approved by Roberto Rossellini, envied by Francis Coppola, and even appreciated by its subject...

Ten Miami Viral Videos That Deserve a YouTube Music Award

2 years ago by Carolina del Busto
YouTube: a place where anyone can rise to fame within 15 minutes, and those fortunate (or hilariously unfortunate) few remain in our hearts and minds forever in the form of a viral video. In a pre-twerking age, those viral videos would remain a shared inside joke between yourself and your...
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