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Best Musical Nostalgia Miami 2000 - Night Train

The shrill whistle, the rumble of the engine rolling down the tracks. It's 8:00 on a Sunday night. Ted Grossman takes his usual seat as conductor of the Night Train on WLRN. As he has every week for 25 years, Grossman leads a four-hour journey through his deep collection of vintage jazz recordings. There's no chronological restriction to what he'll play -- he might spin a tune from the 1920s followed by a track released in 1989 -- but WWII-era music dominates. Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, and perhaps Bing Crosby as Dick Tracy in a radio play culled from Grossman's archive of Armed Forces Radio Services broadcasts. In his distinctive foggy voice, and with his awesome selection of crooners and swing stylists, Grossman reminds his loyal listeners that not all musical memories in this town emanate from Havana.
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Marie Regojo
Marie Regojo

Dear Mr. Grossman,

I have had the great fortune of listening to your radio show, The Night Train, for some years now....I can't tell you how much I look forward to it.

I am 49 -- (aka 50!) but I feel each and every time I listen to your radio show I am somehow transported back to another lifetime! I have e-mailed you at NPR/WLRN e-address, but I never received a reply from you. I inquired about the possibility of dedicating a song(s)/hour to WWII Veteran, Mr. Jay Midence (a local Miami resident and artist). He is now in a nursing home facility in Hialeah, Florida but I know he listens to your show (rather, recordings) when he can get them. Your show comes on too late in the evenings (he is already asleep). Mr. Midence, served in Palermo Ital (Navy - submarine search ships) -- originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He enlisted at age of 19.

Mr. Grossman, I have not been able to see Mr. Midence for quite some years now, but it would be such an honor if you could see to it to dedicate a song(s) or a segment of your show. I realize this is a tall order and no doubt, you might like futher detailed information about Mr. Midence, which I would all too happy to provide.

Here's hoping that you receive this e-mail request and can respond, in kind.

Most Sincerely,

Marie Elena Regojoregojomr@aol.com305-666-4180 (home)