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Best Female Radio Voice Miami 2000 - Tracy Fields

Saturday night, eyes bleary, rain slapping hard on your car. You turn up your radio to hear her silky narration, the aural equivalent of hot chocolate during a snowstorm. Although Fields, who studied broadcasting and journalism in college, makes her living as an Associated Press reporter, she confesses, "Radio was always my love." Since 1995 on WLRN, her sultry jazz selections and intimate intonations have conveyed that romance, wooing listeners and providing a cozy respite from the elements. Hear her 8:00 p.m. until midnight Saturdays.
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Hal Lansing
Hal Lansing

I was personally gifted to be able to host a weekly Sunday jazz radio broadcast from 1996 through 2000 on WAVK-FM in Marathon, Florida from 10 AM through 1 PM, and I listened to Tracy's show always to get some clues about how my show could be improved. It did, and she was, and she still is, the faultless advisor. Great presentation still today, great voice, don't change a thing! Well done Tracy!!