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Best Car Wash Miami 2000 - El Chamba Car Wash

Readers' Choice: Busy Bee
El Chamba has been around since 1989. Except for one minor detail (it finally has an operating permit), not much has changed at this ramshackle soap-and-suds center for cars. El Chamba's native Nicaraguan owners take pride in the fact that the only machine used on your ride is a heavy-duty vacuum for the carpets. "Machines can't think," notes Leon Mateo Sanz, one of the owners. "God forbid they should damage the car." Here, at this odd Flagler Street intersection, where several roads converge to become one-way streets, manual labor is the only way to go. A live human attends to every nook and cranny of your car. A variety of perfumes add the final touch. For a truly Miami experience, we recommend "ocean mist." Fragrance included, a complete job costs ten bucks.
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Señor Mateo saludos de Venezuela vaya ke me consigo con este anuncio del Chamba wow cuanto tiempo lleva rodando ese pekeño rincon en Miami pero grande en experiencia y profesionalismo muchas gracias por haberme dado la oportunidad de pertenecer al chama ke Dios me lo bendigha y le de mucha prosperidad exitos Gerardo Venezuela