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Best Bakery Miami 2000 - Moises Bakery

Moises Bakery

Moises Bakery

7310 Collins Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33141


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As the neon sign reads inside, everything in this bakery is made with "chispa Venezolana." The bread comes to you fresh out of the oven in all shapes and sizes. The cakes are topped with fresh strawberries, kiwis, and peaches. The meat, chicken, and cheese empanadas go a long way. Be sure to wash down the dough-wrapped lunch-in-a-pocket with a Frescolita ( a cherry-flavor Venezuelan soda in a glass bottle). Have a bomba (a pastry stuffed with cooked condensed milk) for dessert, or a flaky mil ojas (1000 leaves) covered in powdered sugar. They even have something to cure the lethargy that comes from eating too much.
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Jessica Diana
Jessica Diana

I love going to Moises Bakery... Reminds me so much of Venezuela. Every time I travel to Miami I have to go and have breakfast and lunch...Los Dulces son deliciosos... Love the pasterys los cachitos y pasteles las empanadas ...everything is good he has a little form every country like Chile, Argentina and my beautiful land Venezuela. I wish I can bring the store to New Jersey or Philadelphia it will make a lot of people happy...


Well, very good I was there yesterday and I always go to Moises bakery to buy allullas, and Chilean empanadas I love them, because I'm from Chile and I wonder if they can send me allullas every week to Cocoa florida if I order, let say 20 a week, via dhl pls let me know if is possible.thanks Patricia