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Best Neopagan Ritual Miami 1999 - Miami Beach full moon drum circle

Some know it's there, some hear about it through word of mouth, some are drawn by the sound of the drums and the heady scent of patchouli. For more than a year and a half, with every full moon, masses of people have gathered on the sand of Miami Beach at 22nd Street and Collins Avenue to celebrate the lunar month. Stumble by accident upon this rhythmically inclined horde of young hippies and you're bound to wonder if Phish is in town. Nope, it's just about 200 of Miami's own crunchy granola/henna tattoo/crystal friend set, kicking it new age: beating congas, Grateful Dead-dancing, and lighting incense in homage to the Earth Mother. "Organize" is probably the wrong word to use in conjunction with such a blissfully chaotic event, but Gaia Buhdai of the Synergy Yoga Center does try to keep the circle vibrant each month by making phone calls to some of the talented drummers she knows. "Some nights the drumming is great, some nights it's not that great," she allows. "But you look around and people are swimming, kids are playing, some are dancing in the circle, lovers are making out." A life-affirming, deliciously mellow affair. All hail the Mother Goddess!
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Mark Richards
Mark Richards

The Full Moon drum circles on Miami Beach have been held at 85th & Collins over 2 years now. Some of the drummers attempted to get something going at 22nd Street; but nothing ever came of it. Drum circle oportunities in Miami are the Full Moon drum circles at 85th & Collins, and The Floating Drum, currently gathering Sunday afternoons at 5PM at Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove. Go to (or just Google "MiamiDrum") to sign up for email notification of future where/when of The Floating Drum and other drum circle activity in Miami.