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Best Male Rock Vocalist Miami 1999 - Demetrius Brown

It's fascinating to watch a high-quality band mature, especially when it's fronted by a talent like Demetrius Brown. As Manchild's singer-lyricist-guitarist, Brown has proved himself a prolific artist, penning more than 100 songs and performing countless gigs since 1992. Because he is best known for his phenomenal guitar incantations, his singing gets overlooked. But D. Brown works his vocal cords almost as dexterously as his axe. He can be a forceful baritone, adding meat to any of Manchild's many rockers, or he can sprinkle on the soul in one of the trio's silky smooth ballads. And during one of Manchild's rare acoustic sets, Brown's honey pipes become the attraction.

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DBrown...where are you. Your brother David Arnold and your nephew are looking for you. My son is 18 and playing college ball. Please contact us we miss you!!

Your sister,Shannon

p.s.Shakey Jake died last week!

geri georgiadis
geri georgiadis

i have been looking for an old friend by the name of Demetrius Brown who was the quarter back for u of m football back in the 80's. I lost touch with him and was wondering if this Demetrius Brown that you all are talking about is the same one that I once knew. If so, I was wondering if you could possibly somehow pass my e-mail address along to him. Thank you.Geri Georgiadis