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Under Fire

14 years ago by Tristram Korten
At 7:00 p.m. on April 10, a crowd of well-heeled residents gathered in the Key Biscayne Village Hall. Impeccably tanned women and men in pressed chinos nibbled on crudités staffers laid out, while sipping complimentary sodas. The atmosphere was more cocktail hour than monthly village council meeting. The pressing issue...

Friendly Fire

15 years ago by Tristram Korten
Katherine Fernandez Rundle is trying to sign an oversize placard in the lobby of the Miami Police Department, but the felt-tip marker she's holding won't work. This is a signing ceremony to kick off a fundraiser for victims of domestic violence. Police chiefs from all over Miami-Dade County are standing...

Friendly Fire

13 years ago by Tom Bowker
For such an effective purveyor of paranoia, Your Enemies Friends singer/guitarist Ronnie Washburn is a sunny-side-of-the-street kinda guy. "It's amazing that we've managed to accomplish everything we have on just a six-song EP," he beams. Sure enough, critics have lauded generous praise upon Your Enemies Friends' brand of quirky-yet-accessible, muscular-yet-danceable...

Silicon Beach: Best of Blog Awards Roundup

5 years ago by Maria De Los Angeles
Broward's Sun Sentinel announced its Best of Blogs award winners this past Wednesday.  On the chilly night, local bloggers, along with their family and friends, gathered around the fire pit at Yolo's on Las Olas Boulevard.Bloggers came from all over South Florida, as far south as the Keys and as...

As the Fire Board Turns

16 years ago by Kirk Nielsen
August 5, 1999 Mr. Roberto Benabib Executive Producer Universal Studios 100 Universal Plaza Universal City, CA 91608 Dear Roberto, You would not believe how little they pay us at these "alternative" weeklies (read: chicken feed). So I thought I would try to generate some extra cash and do you a...
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