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Best Driving Range Miami 1999 - Doral Golf Resort and Spa

Doral Golf Resort and Spa

Doral Golf Resort and Spa

4400 NW 87th Ave.

Doral, FL 33178


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For four bucks you can tee off at one of the swankiest clubs in South Florida. Of course for that price you have to confine your backswing to the driving range. Or you can get really fancy and splurge for a big bucket of balls, which costs seven dollars. If that's a little steep for your working-stiff budget, check out the charge for parking: free if you avoid the valet service. Then again, considering the fortune you're saving by not joining Doral, why not hire a fellow working stiff to park your car? As you head to the range, swagger like the elite. In fact swagger more than the elite. They pay $200 ($250 in winter) a pop to play eighteen holes on the Blue Monster, the most prestigious of Doral's four courses.

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gabriel devis
gabriel devis

I want to know about facilities for practice golf