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Best Comic-Book Store Miami 1999 - Super Heroes Unlimited

Super Heroes wins this category by a whisker. Tropic Comics, just a few blocks down the street, is good, but this place has a touch more variety in underground and indies. If you're a fan of R. Crumb or others who carry on the tradition of alternative cartooning (Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge, Kaz), this is one of the few spots where you'll find your favorites. The eclectic selection is still a bit thin compared to the scads of good old spandex-clad, caped crusaders clogging the racks, but the store is happy to special-order anything.

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Personal experience-Outland Station is a complete and total rip-off. The service stinks, the owner thinks he�s the high and mighty king of the comic book kingdom, yes you know probably every single fact in the books but to sit on that perched throne and think you�re the god of all this is so immature. His little lackey is no better, a manager in training, almost as pompous as the owner himself. This was probably the worst comic book experience in my whole life. Traveling all over the east coast stopping at many stores I would have to say that this one rates in the top 5 worst ones. To sum it up, it felt like actually going to the Simpson�s local comic book shop and being hounded by Comicbook guy and a mini Comicbook Guy. Sorry, wait no I�m not sorry, but I will never return.