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Best Cemetery Miami 1999 - City of Miami Cemetery

It's the graveyard used as a setting for spooky nightmares. Large, creaky iron gates guard the two entrances. Old, crumbling tombstones dispersed among headstones tall enough for someone to hide behind. Fully grown oak and mahogany trees blocking the light to form imposing shadows. From the rich, white, and powerful in the Burdine crypt to the graves of the poor, black laborers buried in the rear, the cemetery's subterranean residents foreshadowed the city's diversity today. To learn more, a lot more, take a guided tour with local historian Paul George (305-375-1492), who'll point out the many war veterans, five mayors, and the city's original instigator, Julia Tuttle, all of whom are buried there.
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Jim MAcAvoy
Jim MAcAvoy

You forgot to mention that the Burdines are buried in City Of Miami Cemetary.

For years, I spent every Memorial Day morning in the cemetary alone with my hat off.