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Best Car Wash Miami 1999 - Supershine

Readers' Choice: Busy Bee Car Wash
Wasn't it Nietzsche who posed this existential conundrum: "Why wash it? It'll just get dirty again." If this is your philosophy, chances are you're not too keen on paying someone to polish your clunker. But even a die-hard nihilist could be swayed by the talents of the Supershine crew. For $10.95 they'll perform the automotive equivalent of a baptism. It begins with the hand wash. Then the vacuuming and wiping down of the interior, where they attend to nooks and crannies you haven't even managed to get crumbs in yet. Then on to the detailing, where they make your whitewalls gleam with a liquid silicone concoction. By the time they've towel-dried the exterior, you won't recognize your wheels. "You sure clean up good," you'll say. Of course they offer a cheaper outside-only job, and all manner of more deluxe wash and wax services, one of which includes (and we quote) "bug removal." Though the basic in-and-out is the best deal, you might be tempted to pay the extra three bucks just to see how bug removal works. For example, what if you pay for bug removal and don't have any bugs? Or worse -- you don't pay for it and you do have bugs? Do they intentionally ignore the bugs stuck to your car? Work around them? Anyway they're open seven days, they have a clean, cool office with a good selection of magazines and local papers, TV, and free coffee. In half an hour (longer if you hit a line) you're on your way, marveling over your sparkling vehicle.
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Alex Barrios
Alex Barrios

BE CAREFUL..ITEMS GET STOLEN FROM CAR!An Ipad was stolen from my Land Rover today.....I had neatly tucked it in the back pocket of my drivers seat where it was out of sight. Someone deliberately looked in there and stoled it. When I called less than two hours later they gave me the written shit of I am not responsible for any items left in the car....I have been taking my car there for over 4Yrs and even felt very confortable taking my car there. Any Questions call me 305.883.5568 Alex