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Best Am Radio Personality Miami 1999 - Hank Goldberg

Readers' Choice: Neil Rogers
His four-hour talk show, weekdays on WQAM from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., is ostensibly a sports program, but Goldberg's pugnacious punditry stretches far beyond the wide world of sports. One recent Tuesday afternoon, for example, "the Hammer" managed to pound on the following topics: Bagel Cove restaurant ("I was the only one there who didn't have blue hair"); Hialeah racetrack ("What's that skinny disease? Anorexia? An anorexic wouldn't throw up there"); and the War Between the Mayors over the Miami Circle ("Penelas is getting on my nerves again. If you can't see that he's grandstanding ..."). His relentless self-assurance, whether he's touting a 30-1 longshot at Gulfstream, railing against Miccosukee Indian Gaming, or chatting amiably with a Panthers defenseman, makes his an undeniable voice of authority. If you're looking for a truly independent, passionate, old-school chronicler of Miami sports -- and life -- forget the Herald. Trust the Hammer.
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Anthony DeVanza
Anthony DeVanza

Hank was the best -- what's he doin now? since i got down from passaic last month, i don't hear nothin about him on the air. is he still here? he is the funniest degenerate gambler i ever seen, and when he used to come up with the dolphins to shea in the 70s-80s i'd see him over in queens and in the city and we'd hit it hard. the best.