BEST RESTAURANT NAME Ortanique on the Mile 278 Miracle Mile

Coral Gables

305-446-7710 Once we eliminated all one-word monikers owing to lack of distinctiveness (Acqua, Ago, Atrio, Azul, Balans, Baleen, Chispa, Ola, Spris, Talula, Tiramisu, Touch, Wish), we were pretty much down to Schnitzel Haus, Tap Tap, Pacific Time, and a few others. One great other: Ortanique on the Mile. The ortanique is a hybrid tropical fruit (lemon and orange), which fits this contemporary Caribbean restaurant like a garden glove. On the Mile is a romantic phrasing of location. Together the words roll off the tongue like the title of a poem -- unique, imaginative, and functional. Plus Ortanique is a great restaurant, and we wouldn't give this particular award to anything less.

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