As you stroll through vintage designer furniture and clothes, imagining yourself smack in the middle of the 1940s, maybe starring in some noir adventure alongside Humphrey Bogart, suddenly you're wrenched back to the present: Little Dragon is thumping on the radio. You're not in war years, and you're not even in a normal consignment shop. You're at Las Tias, an upscale resale store in Coconut Grove. Las Tias recently moved to the Grove from Wynwood, but it retains the scruffy charm more typical of Miami's arts hood. The shop was started as a furniture storage site for Esther Percal's high-end real estate clients, and when there was no more space to hold the furniture, she had a sale. The rest, as they say, is history. In the front of the shop, you are greeted by an array of vintage and modern furniture. An Eileen Gray Monte Carlo sofa, normally priced around $9,300, goes for about $5,500 at Las Tias. A collection of ceramic pottery, paintings, light fixtures, and dining sets leads you to the back of the store, where you will find handpicked costume jewelry, coin purses, and apparel that would make even Daisy Buchanan jealous. Instead of investing in a $4 shoulder-padded polyester sequined '80s blazer at your local Goodwill, put on your trench coat, channel your best Bogie, and stop at Las Tias for some quality vintage.

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Location Details

2638 SW 28th Lanene
Miami FL 33133


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