In any neighborhood, there's always that one badass cat that's either missing a tail, has a sixth claw, or rocks some gnarly battle scar that attests to a defining life experience. That cat — everyone knows — owns the hood. So on Calle Ocho, it's best to afford the same respect to El Gato Tuerto: the "one-eyed cat" in Spanish. While it's not clear whether the eponymous feline lost its eye in a street brawl or from tainted moonshine, its compromised depth perception surely complicates driving. So, in good faith, the kind folks managing the store offer a booze-delivery service for a small fee. If you've had too much to operate heavy machinery and you want more alcohol, they understand that's up to you. They're happy to keep you safely off the streets and the liquors flowing into the wee hours. Open until 1 a.m. daily, they've curated a nice supply of crème liqueurs, craft beers, and plenty of rum for any budget — whether you're a strapped, ramen-noodle-eating college student or some bourgie accountant in a thousand-dollar suit.

Location Details

476 SW 8th St.
Miami FL 33130


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