With everyone suddenly priced out of Edgewater — thank you, Florida housing bubble! — the new hipster neighborhood ripe for gentrification is Miami's Upper Eastside, made up of Belle Meade, Bayside, Morningside, Shorecrest, and Bay Point to the east of Biscayne Boulevard, and Lemon City, Little Haiti, Buena Vista, and Little River to the west. Older apartment buildings are still renting at reasonable prices, and fixer-upper homes are still a bargain if you're willing to put in the work. Once you move into the neighborhood, you'll need new furniture. Luckily, KMP Furniture has been serving those suddenly hopping neighborhoods for several years. KMP is by no means IKEA-cheap, but items come in a wide variety of prices — from a $995 Amondo dining table to a chic Bernard armchair for $765 — and anyway, it's time to grow up and stop buying furniture made of particle board. What's more, some pieces (such as beds and sofas) can be customized. Simply visit the showroom or shop online and finally get rid of that designed-in-Sweden/made-in-China decor.

Location Details

6444 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami FL 33138


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